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New 2010 reports are available for PROMs for Long-term conditions


Patient choice over treatment and care is a central feature of the NHS. Patients' experience of treatment and care is a major indicator of quality and there has been a huge expansion in the development and application of questionnaires, interview schedules and rating scales that measure states of health and illness from the patientís perspective. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) provide a means of gaining an insight into the way patients perceive their health and the impact that treatments or adjustments to lifestyle have on their quality of life. These instruments can be completed by a patient or individual about themselves, or by others on their behalf.

The resources available on this website are available free to anyone having an interest in the use, availability and development of PROMs. These resources include the following:-

  • Bibliographic database comprising over 16000 records relating to patient-reported outcome measures, with a specially designed keyword search facility. The bibliographic database included in this website was first published in 2002, funded by the Department of Health, and it was further developed with DH funding to 2005. In 2005, it became the property of the NHS Information Centre for health & social care. The most recent bibliographic update is current to December 2005. No further updates were funded and none are planned.
  • Systematic reviews of PROMs relevant to specific disease and population (demographic) groups.
  • General information on patient-reported health outcomes and instrument selection, including guidance regarding the selection of appropriate instruments for use in clinical trials, clinical practice, and population surveys.
  • Links to related websites including instruments, resources, organisations, research groups, and journals.
  • A page about the Oxford Orthopaedic scores including PDFs of the questionnaires and guides to their usage.

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